Monday, 26 September 2011

This Saturday we realised that it's been a year since we bought the house. We've done a ton of stuff to the house - we put insulation under the roof, knocked out some ugly panelling in the basement, installed drywall, painted and carpeted the basement, not to mention rip out the entire kitchen and put in a new gorgeous one. We removed a fence that was randomly in the middle of the backyard, sown a new lawn, cut down a dying pine tree and moved our neighbours swingset into our yard. It's good to write all this down because sometimes I forget that we did so much. There are still a lot of things that I would fix around the house - the ceiling was only half painted by the previous owners and while it isn't immediately obvious, it's pretty jarring once you notice it. The shower cubicle in the master bathroom is still stuck in the seventies and that's a pretty big project. Plus there are little finishing touches that needed to be added here and there like trim and new switch plates.  So I'm starting this blog anew to document the house as it gets done so I appreciate all the hard work and money and time we put in instead of taking it all for granted. 

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